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Notre histoire

Established in Quebec in 1995,Couture~Rochette & Associés is built on the founding principles of its partners: our number one priority is client satisfaction and trust.

The four founding partners worked for over 10 years for one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Their vision and Latin way of doing business led them to define what an insurance brokerage firm should be...and they created it.

The business has been on a continuous growth pathsince its inception as a result of building a relationship based on trust that Couture~Rochette & Associés fosters and nurtures every day.

We adhere vigorously to our mission of representing our clients’ interest with integrity and discipline.

Notre mission
Notre différence

An authentic and reliable partner

Keeping our word is what drives our business and commitment to our clients. We seek the best products from quality insurers that meet our clients’ needs. The daily challenge is to deliver outstanding service consistently. We make it a point to always respond promptly to our clients’ requests.

We are constantly innovating for the sole purpose of serving you better. This constant innovation is what allows us to offer a service and expertise that truly set us apart from our competitors.

We take pride in being one of the few wholly owned private Quebec held firms.

Distributors and Wholesalers
Real Estate
Specialized Insurance
Life Insurance

Our working method of risk assessment is based on clarity and discipline

Our customized service is part of building a partnership with our clients.:

  • We assess all types of risks based on their importance to your business needs.
  • We develop a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet your needs.
  • We deal with the best insurers.
  • Fair treatment of claims.
  • A staff dedicated to its clients.

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Construction Construction

Whether you are in the construction business, part of a civil engineering or technical firm, we understand your lines of business. We are quick and efficient when it comes to the daily management of your portfolio and your assets. In addition, our services also extend to the requirements specific to your industry, such as:

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Distributeur et grossistes

Regardless of the sector in which you operate, we can develop an insurance portfolio to match your needs. We possess the knowledge required to provide services to the food industry, retail/chain stores, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, including specialized products. Your customized insurance portfolio may include such guarantees listed below:

  • Property (buildings, goods, cargo, etc)
  • Goods in transit
  • Operating losses
  • Equipment breakdown (deterioration of goods)
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Environmental liability pollution
  • Different types of bonds

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Today, government authorities are becoming more and more demanding regarding the environment and the potential impact of your business operations to it. Several insurance products have been designed specifically to mitigate the risks associated with this new reality. Certain types of industries may be required to provide coverage for environmental damage. The following is a list of products we have found to be the most often required:

  • Environmental liability of your premises (building and manufacturing risks)
  • Remediation costs
  • Above-ground and underground tanks
  • Special coverage for businesses
  • Companies in the business of environmental cleanup

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Immobiliers Immobiliers Immobiliers

As a residential, commercial or industrial landlord, risk management of your assets is vital to your operations since your revenue streams are directly affected by a loss. As such, we work closely with landlords and property managers to offer you the best available product. Without being exhaustive, your insurance portfolio should include the following types of protection:

  • Buildings and content
  • Rental income
  • Rental income
  • Premises liability
  • Environmental liability

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Industries manufacturières et industrielles Industries manufacturières et industrielles

As an important economic engine of your region, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive insurance portfolio in place to protect your business assets and goodwill. Regardless of the products you manufacture, part of our excellent service to clients includes performing a detailed analysis of their business activities. The current economic situation may have you conducting business south of the border or across the Atlantic, giving rise to new realities and laws. Given that the insurance industry is not immune to this, we have developed a cohesive working relationship with our network of insurers and business partners to ensure that you have the right level of support in place as you expand worldwide. We can therefore advise you on how best to manage your insurance portfolio by analyzing your current policies and anticipating your future needs:

  • Buildings, equipment and goods
  • Operating losses and business interruption
  • Equipment breakdown (option for production equipment)
  • Product liability
  • Land and marine cargo transport
  • Manufacturer errors and omissions liability
  • Product recall
  • Environmental liability
  • Different types of bonds

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Transport Transport Transport

In addition to the goods that your clients entrust to you, your liability as carrier extends also to damages that these goods or your trucks may cause to third parties in the event of an incident involving you. That’s why your insurance portfolio must be tailored specifically to meet your needs. They may fluctuate greatly depending on whether your operations are local, national or across North America.

  • Vehicle and towing fleet
  • Cargo
  • All types of bonds
  • Issuing trans-border certificates

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Technologie Technologie

The success of your business depends on the innovation and quality of your products and services. In a specialized area, it is important that your broker is able to understand your operations in order to advise you properly about your property and casualty insurance needs, which needs as a manufacturer of technological and/or medical products, a software and website designer, or a R&D firm are very real:

  • Property and operating losses
  • Product liability
  • “Errors and omission” liability
  • Professional liability as manufacturer
  • Officer and Director liability

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Risques spécialisés

We also offer several complementary products, which may be even mandatory in certain cases, to our clients. Couture Rochette offers a wide range of products addressing various risks. Of particular note are:

  • Directors & Officers and Trustees
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Vandalism, Loss and Destruction (Crime)
  • Marine Cargo
  • Credit (client accounts)
  • Cyberspace risk
  • Political risk
  • Terrorism
  • Travel and Accident Insurance for key employees
  • Kidnapping and extortion risk

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Couture Rochette offers brokerage services and services for issuing international, manufacturer and contractor bonds such as:

  • Bid
  • Execution
  • Labour and Material Payment
  • Letter of Intent
  • Maintenance
  • Licence and permit
  • Customs

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Assurance vie

You are anxious to secure your future (owners, directors,executives and managers). Take the time to have an open discussion with your broker at Couture ~ Rochette & Associates.

  • Individual life insurance
    • Temporary
    • Permanent
    • Universal
  • Disability and critical illness insurance

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